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From a smart lounge to a fully integrated smart home, showroom, or office, we create intuitive experiences in the home and beyond.
  • Integratd building management system
  • Intelligent climate control
  • Smart music and entertainment systems
  • Intelligent lighting and shades
  • Connected door communications
  • Intuitive outdoor solutions
  • Intelligent access control
  • Smart security systems
  • Smart home energy solutions


We work with forward-thinking global smart home brands to design a seamless lifestyle for you, both at home and away from home. Our suppliers include:
  • KNX: Belgian-based smart connected home and building control, made easy.
  • Loxone: Austrian-based complete automation system for the home, office, hotel, and more.
  • Basalte: Belgian-based design for the intelligent home.
  • Cerasonar: German-based manufacturer of beautiful invisible speakers for every environment.
  • Gira: German brand driving innovation in electrical technology with smart solutions for intelligent building control.
  • Lithoss: Dutch-based manufacturer of sharply designed switches for smart homes.


Trust us — the world’s top smart home brands do. Integratd Living holds certifications for industry-leading smart home solutions:
  • KNX Certified Partner. KNX partners are certified specialists in KNX technology.
  • Loxone Silver Partner. Loxone partners are the only ones authorised to install Loxone’s portfolio of products, applications and programs.

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